4 Foods that Help Fight off Sickness

As mid-term week quickly approaches, the college communities all over the world are experiencing a collective foreboding over the massive work load that is yet to come. Amongst the foray of all-nighters, cram-sessions and caffeine induced anxiety attacks it’s easy to forget the simple steps that keep us healthy and at our best.

These 4 foods pack enough nutrition to help everyone fight off those nasty colds and viruses from the inside out. 

Enough sleep, exercise and a healthy diet are the foundations of a healthy body and mind. Keeping the all-night cram-sessions to a low will be the first step to securing a head start in battling off the seemingly inevitable midterm maladies.

#1 Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes
image taken off of Google Images

Sweet potatoes, or yams, contain high amounts in Vitamin A. According to the National Institute of Health Vitamin A helps promote the formation and maintenance of skin, teeth, bones, and soft tissue of the body. Aside from helping your eyesight, Vitamin A, helps to protect cells from damage.

Vitamin A deficiency can result in an impaired immune system, so it’s important to incorporate this into your diet. One medium sweet potato contains 120 percent of your daily values of Vitamin A, perfect amount to keep the doctor away.

#2 Salmon:

salmon.jpgThat’s right, indulge.

Salmon is jam packed with Vitamin D, which, contrary to popular belief, is an enzyme. It is commonly found in other fatty fishes as well as dairy products. Almond milk is another option.

Vitamin D allows calcium to be absorbed by the bones, promotes cell growth and boost immune system.

Although, it is important to keep in mind that sunlight is the main method that our bodies absorb vitamin D.

#3 Spinach


It may seem like an old wives tale at this point, but spinach really is a superfood. Spinach contains tons of Vitamin A, C and K. All these vitamins play crucial rolls in the regrowth and regeneration of cells in our bodies.

While there are other things, like orange juice, that have high amounts of Vitamin C, spinach is a one-stop-nutrition-shop for some major immune boosting vitamins.


#4 Cashews:


However unlikely the humble cashew seems to be in the race of immune supportive foods, they may be the most important yet. Cashews contain an impressive amount of zinc. Zinc helps the immune system fight of viruses, bacteria and diseases.

Zinc is naturally found throughout the body and is arguably the most important ingredient when fighting against sickness so be sure to load up on your nuts.


Remember to get lots of sleep and drink lots of water.

Happy Healthing!


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