Why College Students Should go Someplace Sunny for Spring Break

It’s no secret that sunlight has been strongly correlated with improved moods. On campuses with harsh winters seasonal depression can be a serious problem. College therapists are even providing and recommending UV therapy for their patients.

That, mixed with the constant restriction to the indoors during frigid days can further add to the feeling of isolation and depression. All the more reason for college students to seek the sunlight for Spring Break. 

Sunshine and Vitamin D

spring break

If, during the long hard winters, you ever get the itching to go someplace warm and sunny, you’re not alone. Sunlight is how we absorb 80 percent of our Vitamin D; an enzyme that cannot be found naturally in many foods.

For people living in temperate climates, there is a significant portion of the year that the level of sunlight is inadequate for necessary vitamin D levels.  Roughly one quarter of the United States population have Vitamin D deficiencies, there is no telling how many of that 25 percent were living in temperate climates.

Vitamin D makes you Happy

There have been studies and reports that Vitamin D and sunlight levels have direct effect on the moods of individuals. Those who have higher levels of Vitamin D and sunlight exposer have reportedly high mood ratings. Those who have Vitamin D deficiencies have strong correlations with depression and deep sadness.

Some doctors, like Dr. Joseph Mercola would even recommend a low voltage UV tanning bed to treat Vitamin D deficiency.

What this means for the College Kids

With the danger that tanning presents to the skin, it’s hard to condone artificial tanning to boost the mood. And with the busy semesters that leave little time in between, the optionrelax for a college kid to get a sunny get away comes only once in a blue moon.

If college students can get their sunshine fix during Spring Break, it could provide the valuable mood boost that can help propel the students through the rest of the semester.

That get away week the college students get not only gives students some time to relax, but with the addition of sunshine it can provide to be a valuable investment in mental wellbeing.





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One thought on “Why College Students Should go Someplace Sunny for Spring Break

  1. As someone from a warm area (it’s currently 68 degrees in my hometown and that’s considered “cool” for this time of year), I’m a huge advocate of this. I’ve never suffered from SAD, but I know plenty of people who experience this every winter. I’m super guilty of tanning when it’s nice out, never at a salon, and I’m aware of the risks it poses. But a little bit of sun never hurt anyone. Great content for spring break ideas.


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