Costa Rica; re-learning America.

“Have you traveled much?” The sweet Dutch girl asked me as the airplane had finally pushed off from the ground and into the air. She pulled three packets of tissues out of her carry-on and pushed them into the seat-back pocket in front of me; her nose red from constant blowing. I swallowed, and shifted inContinue reading “Costa Rica; re-learning America.”

How MyFitnessPal has helped me lose weight

I haven’t always been super health conscious. Before I started my fitness journey, I didn’t really care about my nutrition or cardiovascular strength; I was only worried about the number on the scale, how big my thighs were or what size jeans I was fitting in to. I knew that I wanted to lose weight,Continue reading “How MyFitnessPal has helped me lose weight”

Medical Marijuana has yet to Meet Ithaca

On January 7th, The Compassionate Care Act was passed in New York State. This law allowed medical marijuana to be prescribed to patients with illnesses like cancer, AIDS, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s ALS and other severe pain related diseases. According to the New York State Department of Health the Compassionate Care Act is smokeless, meaning that only edible forms ofContinue reading “Medical Marijuana has yet to Meet Ithaca”

So are we just afraid of the news?

My Mobile Social Media class at Ithaca College’s Park School took an interesting turn when we had a Skype session with an Ithaca College Alumni Aaron Edwards. 2012 graduate, he has been working at the company Buzzfeed ever since he left the New York Times about a year ago (impressive, I know). Clicking on the Buzzfeed websitesContinue reading “So are we just afraid of the news?”