My Top Airplane Hacks for Flying Internationally

After already taking six flights this calendar year, and wracking up a total of over 50 flights taken in my life, I’ve grown very familiar with spending long periods of time inside an airplane.

These are some of my go-to airplane tips, tricks, hacks, and items that keep me comfy while I’m in the air, and help me kick adventure’s butt when I arrive at my destination.  Continue reading “My Top Airplane Hacks for Flying Internationally”

Manifesting Autumn Within Ourselves

Autumn is a time of beauty, change, transformation, and recharge.

However, amongst all the stress, the shortening days, the growing responsibilities, and the cold weather, it can be very difficult to remember to appreciate all the magic that fall has to offer.

I find, especially during the autumn season, I have a hard time feeling energized, motivated, or even at ease. These are some of the things I’m trying to manifest on a daily basis, to fully embrace the beautiful season that surrounds me; and hopefully, you can, too.


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Safety Tips Every Woman Should Know Before Traveling Alone

It’s a huge wide world to explore.

But with more and more reports about sexual assault and abductions in the news, it can seem like an unwise decision for us ladies to adventure alone.

Fear not! Traveling alone is both a thrilling and empowering experience and is not something to shy away from.

These are some essential tips and tricks to help you stay safe while traveling and to prevent your solo voyage from taking an unsavory turn.

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