Time is time; not money.

Time is money. Right? If I had a dollar every time I heard that phrase, I swear, I would have so much more time on my hands. More time to do things, the more things you do, the better you feel, so eat your beans with every meal right? Something like that. Except then whyContinue reading “Time is time; not money.”

Costa Rica; re-learning America.

“Have you traveled much?” The sweet Dutch girl asked me as the airplane had finally pushed off from the ground and into the air. She pulled three packets of tissues out of her carry-on and pushed them into the seat-back pocket in front of me; her nose red from constant blowing. I swallowed, and shifted inContinue reading “Costa Rica; re-learning America.”

Hydrate or Die.

I used to work at a summer camp every summer. It was called Camp Rushford, a Department of Environmental Conservation run camp, where children were able to come and stay for a week in the Allegany wilderness to experience the importance of protecting our environment. During these weeks, children (well, 11-14 year olds) were instructedContinue reading “Hydrate or Die.”

Ithaca College Spit That! Club prepares for Award Winning Actress Guest Performer

The classroom of Williams 225 on Ithaca College campus buzzed with excitement and creativity as the e-board and performing members of Spit That! , Ithaca College‘s only spoken word poetry club, prepare for the upcoming Annual Spring Showcase. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Spit That! as an organization within Ithaca College and the clubContinue reading “Ithaca College Spit That! Club prepares for Award Winning Actress Guest Performer”

What I learned from Syracuse.com

Last Friday, our Mobile Social Journalism class had a Skype session with Christina Loman, an Ithaca College alumni who is currently working for Syracuse.com . Christina’s supervisor Katie Kramer was also a part of this Skype session. She discussed how recently, Syracuse.com made a serious transition, as most newspapers have, from print writing first to digital,Continue reading “What I learned from Syracuse.com”