My favorite places to buy cheap flights (not sponsored).

This is a list of the top places I go to buy flights. I work in education, so I’m not rolling in money. When I buy flights, they need to be reasonably priced so that I can stay within my budget. If you want to check out How I Get Cheap Flights, check out thisContinue reading “My favorite places to buy cheap flights (not sponsored).”


A lot of people are going into shock now that they have to stay home full time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the CDC the next two weeks are going to be the hardest yet, and simple outings like going to the grocery store have been prohibited unless urgent. I’ve officially gotten myContinue reading “QUARANTINE + THE SIMPLE THINGS”

The secret behind ‘living your best life,’

I have been seeing this phrase all over. Social media, television, radio, advertising, it’s all about helping people to ‘live their best life.’ But what does that mean?