Where is my mind?

It seems like I’ve been away from the keyboard lately.

Away WithOut Leave.

Missing In Action.

But the truth is, I’m more deeply immersed in my life than I have been in a long time. After living for a semester in the sleepy paced, nation of Costa Rica, coming back into the United States, took some internal adjustments.

After living for a semester in the sleepy-paced nation of Costa Rica, coming back into the United States took some serious internal adjustments.

I always knew that America was a face paced nation, but transitioning from having two hours for lunch to a 30 minute lunch period during working hours was significantly harder than I thought it would be.

Why is everyone on their phone all the time?

Why is everyone in such a hurry?

Why does everyone care so much about how much money I’m going to make in the future?

It felt almost like life was moving at hyper speed around me, while I was still sitting on a beach somewhere in the Guanacaste region.

Is this the “reality” I have to come back to?

I had to take time to be disconnected


My father admiring the mangroves at the Deering Estate in Miami, FL


I had to take some time to let myself be by myself; to separate myself from the seemingly constant noise, advertisements, and everyday hustle of the United States.

To let myself reconnect to the things that are truly important; like family and the natural beauty that surrounds us constantly, but that we ignore for our new and digital worlds.

It’s amazing how much tension is instantly relieved and received by cutting yourself away from the digital networks that drive trends and run the world.

When you disconnect, you feel disconnected. Almost like you are missing invitations to parties that you don’t know exist.

But if you let the uncertainty and lack of connection fade, it’s almost like an old familiar world presents itself to you again.


You realize that you are missing your phone like you are missing another arm. Its ghost haunts you for the first week of the detox. But after you let the feeling fade, and return to your cell phone for your regular telephone needs, it feels heavy.

A burden to bring along with you. Something to be left behind.

Where to next?


A black cat in Urbino, Italy 

I’m in Italy right now, working on my photography, video and writing skills for the next month, and I have some personal travel planned as well.

I just want to focus on connecting with my art and concentrate on the content that I want it to create. Whether it’s photo, paint, writing, or video… I just want to create and share things from my heart, and things I deeply care about.

I think that’s all we want to do really. 








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