Hydrate or Die.

I used to work at a summer camp every summer. It was called Camp Rushford, a Department of Environmental Conservation run camp, where children were able to come and stay for a week in the Allegany wilderness to experience the importance of protecting our environment.

During these weeks, children (well, 11-14 year olds) were instructed to leave their cell phones in their room (not that we had cell service in the Allegany Mountains anyway) and instead were obligated to bring a reusable bottle of water with them everywhere they went.

“Hydrate or die!” Us councilors would always say to the kids who didn’t seem to be sipping their water bottles fast enough. But the fact is, water is essential to the health of an individual. 

Why Hydration is so important


Human bodies are around 70 percent water, and all of our internal life functions are impossible without adequate hydration.

regulates body temp:

Perspiration, or sweating, is an essential process that allows us to keep our bodies cool. Dehydration can prevent the body from properly cooling itself and can leave us susceptible for heat stroke.

helps with digestion:

Your body naturally absorbs toxins from everyday eating and breathing. The kidneys naturally removes the toxins from the body, but excess toxins can make it hard. Water helps aid the kidneys flush the toxins out of the body and ensure that everything is going where it is supposed to.

helps deliver oxygen to the body:

Water is essential to allowing blood and other bodily fluids throughout the body. Oxygen travels throughout out body through our blood stream and is necessary for our every bodily function. Proper hydration allows the oxygen to be thoroughly transported throughout the body.



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Wanderer, explorer, advocate, peace seeker, ocean lover.

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