How Exercise Can Actually Make You Happier

These days we are constantly being bombarded with constant advertisements and commercials about fitness, being fit, new fitness apps that are persistently shoving data and statistics down are throat.

It can make exercise seem like more of a fad than what it actually should be portrayed as : a lifestyle change. Exercise provides so many more benefits other than finally fitting into that stress.

On a neurological level, exercise helps raise your happiness levels.

Exercise helps with Depression.

Clinical studies show that clinically depressed patients who exercised moderately both aerobic and anaerobically consistently over a long period of time significantly reduced their level of stress and depression.

Many clinical therapists already recommend daily exercise as a part of their treatment for depression. exercise_2190595b.jpg
(image taken off of Bing Images )


Exercise releases Endorphins.

The endorphin hypothesis has been a long studied correlation between regular vigorous exercise and a state of mental and physical wellbeing afterwards also known as “exercise euphoria”.

Endorphins play an important role in how the brain responds and reacts to pain and stressors. So exercise can help reduce stress.



Wise words from Elle in Legally Blonde.

It’s true though! Little changes in your lifestyle, like regular exercise, can have a trickle down affect into your every day life, not to mention give you a confidence boost down the line.




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